About Debi Calvet

Debi Calvet was a small-business owner for nearly 14 years, most recently co-owning a creative-services firm that developed brand identity, Web sites, and promotional and advertising materials for other businesses. QuickBooks for Mac was the only accounting software her businesses used. As an active participant in Intuit’s QuickBooks for Mac Community, Debi enjoys helping users solve their problems. Her husband, however, suspects that she enjoys the forum a little too much. See all of Debi's Articles

Troubleshooting basics with QuickBooks for Mac

If you have a company file of any size, QuickBooks for Mac is handling a lot of data. If you don't see the data you expect or in the way you expect it, it can be a scary thing. But with a little troubleshooting, you can soon be back to the way things … [Read more...]

List damage: Symptoms and cures

QuickBooks for Mac keeps all the individual records for your customer jobs, vendors, employees, other names, accounts, and items in lists—the master Name list, the chart of accounts, and the item list. Occasionally, a list may become damaged. If you … [Read more...]

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