List damage: Symptoms and cures

QuickBooks for Mac keeps all the individual records for your customer jobs, vendors, employees, other names, accounts, and items in lists—the master Name list, the chart of accounts, and the item list. Occasionally, a list may become damaged. If you notice any of the symptoms listed below, your company file may have list damage.

  • A list appears out of order or list elements are missing.
  • Reports appear out of order.
  • You can’t enable account numbers.
  • In the Customer Center or Vendor Center, balances are incorrect or no transactions appear when you highlight a record.
  • In the Find window, the Name filter’s pop-up menu doesn’t auto-fill when you start entering an existing name.
  • When viewing other windows, pop-up menus for Name fields are blank.

Fixing damaged lists is usually easy. Here are the steps for the 2020 and 2019 versions of QuickBooks for Mac.

QuickBooks Mac 2020 and QuickBooks Mac 2019

Master name list

  1. Choose Edit > Find. You can also press Command‑F. If window title is “Search,” simply click the “Go to Find” button in the upper right to switch it to “Find.”
  2. Click the Name filter under “Search For:” and then select All Names using the pop-up menu on the right.
  3. Press Command‑L to open the master Name List.
  4. Make sure that the View pop-up menu at the bottom of the Name List window shows All Names.
  5. Choose Edit > Re‑sort List.
  6. Click OK.

Chart of accounts or item list

  1. Open your Chart of Accounts or Item list.
  2. From the View drop‑down menu at the bottom, choose All Accounts or All Items.
  3. Choose Edit > Re‑sort List.
  4. Click OK.

A final note about QuickBooks Mac 2020: If you’ve fixed all your lists but still find that new additions don’t move into alphabetical order automatically, uncheck Enable Custom Ordering. You’ll find this option in the gear pop-up menu on the list window that you have open (Chart of Accounts, Items, etc.).

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