Video: Paying your bills

Watch how Hannah uses QuickBooks for Mac to track and pay her bill payments.

Video Script

It’s that time—the first month’s rent on Hannah’s store is due, so she needs to enter and pay her rent.

She opens up the QuickBooks page. Her first thought is “I’ve got a bill to pay.” Then she remembers—to record the bills she pays in QuickBooks, she has to go to Enter Bills first. In QuickBooks, entering a bill records information about the bill, including the expenses or items she’s paying for. Paying a bill actually means recording the money as it goes out the door.

Hannah enters the information for her landlord in the Enter Bills window and saves it.

Because the rent’s due soon, Hannah opens up Pay Bills so she can get it done today. Hannah picks her rent out on the Pay Bills window and marks it for payment immediately. Because Hannah pays her rent by check and prints out checks on her printer, she marks this payment as a Check to be printed then clicks OK to record this month’s payment in QuickBooks.

Now Hannah needs to write one more check before she prints today’s checks out on the blank checks she buys from Intuit. Hannah opens the Write Checks window and fills out a check for some new magic books she’s buying from a mail-order catalog. After she confirms that the check has all the right info on it, she clicks the Print Queue button at the bottom of the window, then saves the check.

Hannah makes sure she’s got blank checks in her printer. She goes back to QuickBooks one more time and chooses File -> Print Forms -> Checks.  The checks print. Hannah puts them in envelopes drops them into her mailbox.

Hannah realizes she needs more stamps and envelops, so she makes a trip to Owen’s Office Supplies down the street and buys supplies using her business credit card. To record her purchase, Hannah goes to QuickBooks and opens Enter Credit Card Charges. She pulls out her receipt, and enters info about Oren’s Office Supplies, what she bought and how much she paid for it. Hannah saves the transaction. That’s it! Like magic, Hannah’s got all the money she paid out today recorded in QuickBooks for Mac.

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