Video: Creating a sales receipt in QuickBooks 2012

You’re probably already familiar with sales receipts. Just about anytime you buy anything, you get a record of what you’ve bought and what you paid for those items.

In QuickBooks, you can create sales receipts for your customers to track a sale when your customer pays you on the spot. In this video, I’m going to show you how to create a sales receipt in QuickBooks 2012 for Mac.

Video script:

Hi, I’m Ro with the QuickBooks for Mac team, and today I’m going to show you how to enter a sales receipt.

A sales receipt is what you create to record a payment when a customer pays you on the spot for whatever you’ve sold.

To enter a sales receipt, you go to Enter Sales Receipt from the Customers menu. On the left view of this window, you can see all the sales receipts you’ve created in the past. To create a new one, you just go right up here at the top and click Create Sales Receipt.

I’m going to start this sales receipt by selecting the customer I want to create the receipt for. QuickBooks fills in the billing address I have for the customer, the date, and assigns a sale number. I can open the right view to see a summary of information I have about this customer.

Now I can select the payment method. Since my customer paid by check, I’ll go ahead and enter a check number.

Then I’m going to list everything my customer paid me for. When I set up these items, I included a rate, so QuickBooks calculates the amount.

I now have the option to deposit this payment immediately or group it with other funds to be deposited later. I’m going to choose to deposit this payment immediately.

Finally, to finish up the receipt, I’m going to choose a message for my customer.

And now for the final touches. I’m going to choose a template, then click the Preview icon to see how this receipt is going to look for my customer. I’m happy with this, so I’m just going to click this icon right here to email this off to my customer.

So that’s how to create a receipt in QuickBooks 2012.

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