Video: Creating an invoice in QuickBooks 2012

This is the first in a series of videos we’ll be publishing over the next couple of weeks showing you the new features in QuickBooks for Mac 2012. In this video, I’ll show you how to create an invoice with our new forms interface. You’ll see changes like this for all the forms in 2012 such as sales receipts, estimates, bills, payments, checks, and more!

Video script:

Hi. I’m Shelly with the QuickBooks for Mac team, and today I’m going to show you how to create an invoice.

An invoice is what you send to customers when you’ve done work for them or sold them goods, and now you want them to pay you.

To create an invoice, choose Customers > Create Invoices.

There’s a lot of information here on this window that I want to show you. On the left view, you can see all the invoices you’ve created.

To start a new invoice, you just go right up here to the top and click “Create Invoice.”

I’m going to start this invoice by selecting the customer I want to send the invoice to. The names in this list are customers I’ve added using the Customer Center. But if I hadn’t added the customer’s name yet, I could just enter a name and QuickBooks would prompt me to add it. But this time, I’m going to select a customer who is already there. I can open this right view to see a summary of information about this customer.

QuickBooks fills in the billing address I have for Mike, the current date and assigns an invoice number. I can also enter a PO number, which I’m going to skip, and select the payment terms for Mike.

Now I’m going to list everything I’m charging Mike for. In this case, I’m charging him for 10 hours of landscape design work and 8 hours of weekly gardening services. When I set up these items, I included a rate, so QuickBooks can calculate the amount.

Now to finish off the invoice, I’m going to choose a message to my customer and save the invoice.

Now that my invoice is complete, I’m going to see what it will look like printed out. So I click Preview. Hmm…this is a bit plain, so I’m going to select another template. A template can change both how an invoice looks and what information shows up on the invoice. These are templates QuickBooks provides but you can also create a new template or modify one of these. I’ll go into how to do that in another video.

Now I want to be reminded when this invoice is due, so I’m going down down to the bottom and selected the Add to iCal button.
And want to print this invoice, so I have two options. I can click Print to print this one invoice. Or I can click Print Later and that adds the invoice to a group of invoices I’m going to print all at once later on.

So that’s how you create an invoice in QuickBooks 2012 for Mac. For more articles, videos, and advice on using QuickBooks, go to

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