Video: Introduction to Jobs

QuickBooks for Mac has partnered with Ben Hess of Bay Area Pictures for a series of videos on how he uses QuickBooks. In this video, Ben talks about how jobs help him organize his transactions.

Video script:

Hi I’m Ben, a Silicon Valley small business owner, and I wear lots of hats, just like you. I’m here to help you become more comfortable in wearing the Accounting hat.

As a small business owner, what are the two primary sources of business? Referrals from our professional network and also new work from existing clients and customer!

If you’re a service provider like me and if you’re fortunate enough to win multiple projects from the same client, Jobs are an excellent way to track different projects you do for the same customer.

For example, I have a project to produce a video series for a customer so I create a job to track that project. And then – good news – a few months later the same customer requests another video. I then create a new job for that customer, which allows me to separate revenue and expenses for each video project that I produce. This enables me to understand the profitability I have on a per project basis. For example, tracking Unbilled Costs by Job helps ensure I haven’t forgotten to invoice a customer for additional expenses.

And since I’m using QuickBooks to create proposals and invoices, I can also keep notes and track project details too.

Of course, all the jobs you do for a customer are available through the Customer Center. Jobs are a super flexible Quicksbooks feature and which be used to associate one entity with another for billing and reporting purposes.

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About Ben Hess

Ben Hess uses digital media to tell compelling stories - video, photos, motion graphics, and even stick figure storyboards ... whatever it takes. He's also a QuickBooks user and is thrilled to be one of the first Little Square inhabitants. Ben grew up in Atlanta and is a recovering football and soccer player turned passionate fan (Falcons and Earthquakes!). He tries to cycle when there's time. But there never is. See all of Ben's videos

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