Video: Introduction to Customer Center

QuickBooks for Mac has partnered with Ben Hess of Bay Area Pictures for a series of videos on how he uses QuickBooks. In this video, Ben talks about the Customer Center.

Video Script

Hi I’m Ben, a Silicon Valley small business owner, and I wear lots of hats, just like you. I’m here to help you become more comfortable in wearing the accounting hat.

Now, we know that customers are the lifeblood of any small business … and QuickBooks Mac helps you organize all customer information in one location … the Customer Center. Here you can see contact info, sales terms, and even transaction history, all at a glance. You can also create new customer specific transactions in the customer center as well.

Like me you probably have multiple contacts for a given customer. QuickBooks Mac syncs with Address Book so you always have current contact information such as phone, email, address, all available in the customer center. And you can then choose which customer specific info you want to make available on customer-specific forms like the invoices and sales receipts.

Another way to track your business is to use to-do lists and notes. These can track specific interactions with your customers or clients. The Customer Center also provides the option to create custom fields so you can track what’s important for your business. I’ve created custom fields to track social media handles of my customers and clients so I can then keep tabs on their projects and successes.

Thanks for watching.

About Ben Hess

Ben Hess uses digital media to tell compelling stories - video, photos, motion graphics, and even stick figure storyboards ... whatever it takes. He's also a QuickBooks user and is thrilled to be one of the first Little Square inhabitants. Ben grew up in Atlanta and is a recovering football and soccer player turned passionate fan (Falcons and Earthquakes!). He tries to cycle when there's time. But there never is. See all of Ben's videos

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