About Jonathan Bello

Jonathan Bello has been an independent consultant for almost 25 years specializing in Accounting Solutions. He has been a QuickBooks Pro Advisor since 1996 and has achieved his Advance status in 2007. He is also a member of the Intuit Speakers Bureau. Jonathan's latest practice also provides outsource IT services for smalls business helping them maintain their desktops, servers and networks.

Jonathan has an accounting degree from the University of Massachusetts with a minor in Information Technology. So when he works with small business, he doesn't just set up technology. He works with them to implement it so it supports THEIR business needs. www.one8solutions.com

Why it’s best to keep your QuickBooks file all business

[Editor's note: We get asked a lot of questions about mixing personal and business finances in QuickBooks, and we always give the same one-word answer: don't. So we asked QuickBooks guru Jonathan Bello to explain why.] So I've been asked to give … [Read more...]

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