Video: Password Save and Reset in QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2020

In QuickBooks 2020, you can save your password in Keychain and easily reset it if needed. Learn more in the following video:

Video Script

When logging into QuickBooks Desktop Mac, you now can choose whether you’d like the Mac Keychain function to store your password.

Checking the “Store Password in Keychain” box will ensure that your password automatically populates in the password field the next time you attempt to log in. 

On the other hand, unchecking this box will remove the password in Keychain, and the password field will be blank the next time you attempt to log in. It is recommended you leave this box unchecked if you’re working on a shared computer.

If you’ve forgotten your password as an administrator, click the padlock icon. This will open the Password Reset window. From the list of recovery email addresses, select the one you have access to, and click Next. QuickBooks will email you a password reset code. Provide this code in the next window and follow the instructions to reset your password.

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