Video: Receiving payment and depositing a check

In this video, watch how Wally tracks a payment he’s received from his client, Hannah.

Video script

Last week, Wally the Web Designer sent one of his customers, Hannah, an invoice for the work he did to redesign her web site. Today he got Hannah’s check in the mail.

Wally’s not planning a trip to the bank for several days, but he wants to tell QuickBooks that Hannah paid him. So he decides to receive her payment. Wally picks Hannah out of the Customer:Jobs list. QuickBooks shows him all the unpaid invoices he has for Hannah—in this case just the one. He enters the amount of Hannah’s check into the Amount field.

Wally fills in the Payment Method as a check, adds the check number, and chooses Group With Other Undeposited Funds.

Wally checks over the info in the Receive Payments window one more time to make sure everything is correct.
That’s it! Wally clicks Save. QuickBooks saves the payment and closes the Receive Payment window.
Later this week, Wally’s got to go to the bank to deposit Hannah’s check. After he does that, he’ll go back to QuickBooks to record his deposit.

Since he’s done with QuickBooks today, so Wally spends the rest of the day on web designs for new customers sites for his customers.

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