Video: Using estimates, invoices, and receive payments to get paid

In this video, you’ll see how Wally the web designer creates an estimate, invoices, then receives payment for work that he does.

Video script:

Web Designer Wally is looking for work! Hannah, who owns a magic shop called Hannah’s Illusion Supplies, has contacted Wally about creating a new web site for her business. Wally reviews Hannah’s current site. He creates an Estimate that overviews all the work he thinks he’ll need to do to give Hannah’s web site a modern, professional look.

Wally saves the estimate and emails it to Hannah. After reviewing several proposals, Hannah hires Wally for the job! Wally burns the midnight oil and delivers an excellent, modern, professional site, so it’s time for Hannah to pay him. Wally converts his original estimate to an Invoice. He also makes changes to the Invoice— as you know, jobs rarely go exactly the way you predict. Wally sends the invoice to Hannah. Hannah loved Wally’s work, so she sends him a check as soon as she gets his invoice. Wally opens up QuickBooks for Mac to receive the payment.

He enters the info about the check into Receive Payments, but he hasn’t made his monthly deposit yet so he leaves the money in Undeposited Funds. The following week, Wally deposits Hannah’s check, along with a couple of other client payments. That afternoon, Wally gets back onto QuickBooks to record his deposits. Wally records Hannah’s check so that QuickBooks can account for it in his books. That’s it! Wally’s gotten paid and used QuickBooks for Mac to record each step. When Hannah needs her web site updated, Wally will have all her info ready to go, making the bookkeeping quick and easy.

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