Two-minute tips: Finding stuff

Facebook users asked for tips, so we’re starting a series of videos called “Two-minute tips.” Here’s the first one where I show you some tips on how to find preferences, reports, names, and data in QuickBooks.

Video script:

Hi, I’m Shelly with the QuickBooks for Mac team, and I’m going to spend 2 minutes showing you how to find stuff in QuickBooks.

We had Facebook users ask us for tips and tricks, so here you go.

Tip 1: Search in Preferences

QuickBooks Preferences are like your Mac’s System Preferences in that you can customize how QuickBooks behaves. And you can use the search box in Preferences to find which preference has what you’re looking for.

Tip 2: Search for Reports

If you need to find a report, just start typing in the name here in the search box on Report Center. The sidebar changes to just show the reports with that word in the title. You can also make a report a favorite by clicking the star next to the report name. The report then shows up at the top of the sidebar in the Favorites list so you can find it easily.

Tip 3: Find names in forms

On forms, you can open any pull-down list and start typing to find a name easily. In this pull-down of customer names, I just use my down arrow key to select a job name for a customer. Then when I press the tab key, QuickBooks fills in the customer’s contact information and moves to the next field in the form.

Tip 4: Sort columns to find data

In windows like the Customer Center, you can sort the columns of data to find the information you need.

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