Contacts and QuickBooks: Syncing your contacts

You can drag and drop your contacts from Apple’s Contacts app into any contact list in QuickBooks. You can also set up Contact Sync in order to sync your contact information between Contacts and QuickBooks. Then, anything else you sync with Contacts, like your iPhone and iPad, are synced with QuickBooks as well.

Contact Sync FAQs

  • Do I need iCloud to use Contact Sync? Nope. Just QuickBooks and Contacts.
  • What contact information is synced between QuickBooks and Contacts? When you edit a contact in QuickBooks that you are syncing, any field shaded yellow is synchronized. If you don’t see any shaded fields, make sure that contact sync is turned on. (QuickBooks > Preferences > Contact Sync)
  • If I delete a synced contact in Contacts, is it deleted in QuickBooks? No, the contact stays in QuickBooks so any transactions related to that contact are maintained. But the contact no longer syncs with Contacts and exists only in QuickBooks. You can also make the contact inactive in QuickBooks.
  • What happens if there’s a conflict with a contact between Contacts and QuickBooks? There will never be a conflict between Contacts and QuickBooks. The one that was updated most recently will automatically be chosen.
  • Can I sync contacts for multiple company files and keep the contacts separate? Yes. When you turn on Contact Sync for a company file, Contacts creates a separate group specifically for that company file.
  • What happens to my Contact Sync settings when I move the company file to another computer? When you open the company file on the new computer, be sure to turn on Contact Sync (Company > Contact Sync Settings). That’s all you have to do. Contact Sync remembers which contacts you are syncing.
  • I have multiple company files and want Contact Sync on for only one file. Can I do that? Yes. Contact Sync is set per company file. Turning it on for one company file does not affect another file.
  • The group name in Contacts for my company file is really long. Can I change it? Yes. Changing the group name in Contacts does not affect syncing with QuickBooks.
  • How are my contacts sorted in Contacts? Contacts are sorted according to your Contacts preferences. To change them, open Contacts, choose Contacts > Preferences, and then click the General tab.
  • Are contacts I create with QuickAdd synced?Yes, but you must first tell QuickBooks that you want to sync the contact. Because QuickAdd just creates the name, only the name is synced until you fill in all the contact information.
  • Can I have sync multiple phone numbers for a customer?No. QuickBooks syncs only one phone number for contacts. You can add additional numbers in Contacts, but these numbers will not be synced with QuickBooks.

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