Making QuickBooks look the way you want

You like it the way you like it. That’s cool. You can customize QuickBooks so that its default display shows what’s most important to you.

Changing the desktop

You can save your QuickBooks windows arrangement so that when you return to your company file, the same windows are open in the same positions.

In QuickBooks, arrange your desktop to look how you like it. For example, if you write a check every time you use QuickBooks, open the Write Checks window. Then choose Window > Workspace > Save Workspace. The next time you open QuickBooks, the desktop arrangement you saved appears.

Customizing the toolbar

So you don’t have employees but you use statements all the time. And there’s a report you view every day. Guess what? You can customize your toolbar with links to what you use the most.
Choose Company > Configure Company Toolbar, or Control-click inside the toolbar. On the sheet of icons, you can:

  • Change the icons on the toolbar. Drag any icon you want to add to the toolbar. Drag an icon off the toolbar to remove it.    You can also drag icons around on the toolbar to rearrange them, even add separators or spaces.
  • Show either text, icons, or both. On the Show drop-down list at the bottom of the sheet, select how you want to display text and icons.
  • Change the icon size. Display smaller icons in the toolbar by selecting the Use Small Size checkbox.

Other things you can do with the toolbar:

  • Resize the toolbar. Drag the lower right corner of the toolbar to the right to lengthen it, or to the left to shorten it.
  • Move the toolbar. Drag the toolbar’s title bar to a new position.
  • Hide the toolbar. Choose Company > Hide Company Toolbar, or click the toolbar’s close button. To redisplay the hidden toolbar, choose Company > Show Company Toolbar.

Add links to the toolbar

You can add a link to a window, such as a report, to the toolbar. Open the window you want  to link to and choose Company > Add Window to Toolbar. Pick an icon to use for the link as well as a label and description.

So that’s how you can make QuickBooks look the way you want. Happy customizing!

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