QuickMath, the QuickBooks calculator

Does this sound familiar? You’re paying several bills from one vendor with a single check. You could go to Caculator on your Mac and add them up, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could do that right in QuickBooks? Well, you can do that.

It’s called QuickMath. When you fill in a field that requires a dollar amount, quantity, or rate, enter = in the field and a calculation field pops up. Then you can add the number up just like you would on a calculator.

Just enter a number and then the math function you want followed by more numbers. Then press Enter to calculate all your numbers.

Here’s what you can do in QuickMath:

To… Do this
Get a subtotal Press =.
Clear an entry Press C.
Clear the tape Press C twice.
Repeat the last
Press the operator key as many times as needed. For example, to add 100 three times, you would enter:
100 + + +
Enter a negative
Press the key for the operation you want to perform, press , and enter the number. For example, to multiply 100 by minus 6.25, you would enter:
100 * – 6.25
Cancel the
Press Esc.

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