What’s new in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2020?

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We’ve done a lot of work for 2020. Take a peek:

  • Dark Mode: QuickBooks is now compatible with Dark Mode, offered in macOS Mojave (10.14).
  • Modernized Reporting: Reports now use a refreshed structure that improves customization, usability, presentation, and navigation.
  • Invoice e-Payments: You can send your customers smart invoices with online payment options.
  • Company Snapshot: Customize what shows up on your company snapshot, so you can easily see your most critical business data.
  • Bounced Check Processing: You can now accurately, and easily, account for bounced checks.
  • iPhone Scanner: Upload images to QuickBooks with your iPhone camera.
  • Improved Attachment Searches: You can search scanned PDF and image files, making it much easier to locate specific attachments.

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