Video: Report Sidebar in QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2020

In QuickBooks 2020, reports now use a refreshed structure that improves customization, usability, presentation, and navigation. Learn more in the following video:

Video Script

The Report Sidebar feature brings all the report customization options into a one-window format. This makes them easier to locate and use. Also, any changes you make from the sidebar will be immediately reflected on the report.

The sidebar has three main tabs: Options, Filters, and Format. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  • Options: The Options tab allows you to do things like choose which columns to display and choose the calendar type. In detail reports, you can now search through the available columns to quickly add them to your report.
  • Filters: Under the Filters tab, you can quickly search through the all the filters to add or remove a specific one.
  • Format: All the formatting options you’re used to are here under the Format tab, including header and footer format settings. In addition, you can now choose from a list of Format Setup styles to instantly update the look of your report to match your business needs. You can save customizations you make to the format of your report as a custom setup for future use.

Lastly, QuickBooks 2020 includes a report sidebar in graph reports as well. In the toolbar, you can toggle the report sidebar on or off by clicking on the Show/Hide Report Sidebar button. Also, we’ve made it easier for you to view and share your reports by adding an email button to the toolbar.

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