Video: 1099 State Tax IDs in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019

In QuickBooks 2019, states that tax on 1099 income are now supported. Learn more in the following video:

Video Script

In QuickBooks 2019, we’ve added support for the few states (such as Wisconsin and New Jersey) that have started taxing on 1099 income.

Here’s how we print our 1099 forms using the QuickBooks 1099 Wizard:

  • First, notice that there is a column for State & Payer’s State Number on the 1099 Vendors Review screen. This is required for vendors who are located, or did work, in Wisconsin or New Jersey during the tax year.
  • If the state tax ID for your vendor is missing, double-click the link from the review screen to add the information. You can also add the state tax ID on the Edit Vendor window. To access the Edit Vendor window, visit the Vendor Center.
  • Next, you can map Box 16: State Tax Withholding to the expense account, or accounts, of your choice. Another access point for this information is located in the 1099 Preference pane of your Company Preferences.
  • Lastly, adjust check payments if necessary and review your 1099 vendor entries.
  • If everything looks good, you’re ready to print on your pre-printed 1099 forms!

Note: The 1099s for your vendors who are located, or did work, in these states will show State Tax Withheld in Box 16. They will show State or Payer’s State Number in Box 17.

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