Help! What does “access…will expire” mean?

Have you ever seen a message that says something like “Access to your Online Banking, Support, and other Services in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac will expire ….”?

Screenshot of "important service notice" message.


Not to worry, that’s just Intuit’s way of letting you know that the version of QuickBooks you’re using is getting pretty old, and doesn’t incorporate the latest bug fixes and enhancements.

That message also means that, after the date in the message, you won’t be able to use “live” services, like connecting to banks, or talking to support agents.

If you’re happy with the version you’re using, and you don’t use any “live” services, you may not have to upgrade yet.

My advice (I used to be a system manager for a technical communications department) is to keep reasonably up-to-date with your computer software, especially with tools that are mission-critical, like QuickBooks. What’s reasonable? I’d say one to two years.

You can always learn more by reading QuickBooks service discontinuation (Disco) policy and upgrade information.

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