What is New in QuickBooks for Mac 2014?

Income Tracker

The Company Snapshot showing the new Income Tracker

You may have heard: QuickBooks for Mac 2014 is here! I’m relatively new to the QuickBooks for Mac team (Hi!), but I can tell you, the team is great and has worked hard to get you a product that’s fun to use even while it lets you quickly get back to the work you love—your business. So, what can you expect from the 2014 release? These are the highlights:

  • New Income Tracker: Get an end to end view of all income related transactions in one place with the new Income Tracker. Get real time data; no reports to run or data to gather. Take immediate action on transactions to get paid. Batch print or email transactions directly from the Income Tracker. List and filter by transaction or customer.
  • New Searching Within Reports: Easily find the report information you need. Search text within reports to find key words and phrases.
  • Enhanced Sales Tax Tracking: Quick and easy way to adjust sales tax paid to account for rounding, fee, or discounts. Indicate sales tax paid from credit card accounts.
  • Improved Sales Reps Functionality: Track sales reps, no matter if they are employees or outside vendors. Assign sales reps to customers and run reports by Sales Rep to track top performers.
  • Enhanced Centers: Keep Customer, Vendor, and Transaction information right at your fingertips for quick access. Customize the columns in the Centers for more efficient task completion. Easily access the memo field to find the transaction you are looking for.
  • New Import Journal Entries Feature: Streamline working with your accountant. Now, import general journal entries from your accountant into your QuickBooks company file. Stay productive while your accountant works on your books. Update QuickBooks with just the edits your accountant made when importing general journal entries.
  • Improved Toolbar: An easy access toolbar providing one-click access to your data and transactions. Customizable to hold all your shortcuts so it’s faster and easier to get around in QuickBooks.
  • Redesigned Home Page: Get a quick overview of your company’s financials. The new QuickBooks home page provides insights into your company’s performance; no report running required.
  • New Set Up and Go Feature: Switching from QuickBooks Pro/Premier Windows to QuickBooks for Mac? Set Up and Go provides a recommended set of key activities to quickly come up to speed in QuickBooks for Mac.

We’ve also:

  • Converted the application to 64 bit
  • Added the ability to convert estimates to POs
  • Added the ability to print General Journals, Check Vouchers, and Bill Stubs
  • Tied Guide Me help to individual fields

You can also post your own question to the QuickBooks for Mac community.