Importing contacts into QuickBooks for Mac

If you’ve been in business for a while before buying QuickBooks for Mac, you probably have contacts saved in Address Book or a spreadsheet. In QuickBooks for Mac, you can import your contacts so you don’t have to enter them manually. It’ll save you a lot of time.

Video Script:

Hi, I’m Shelly with the QuickBooks for Mac team. Today I’m going to show you how to import your contacts, from a spreadsheet or Address Book, into QuickBooks. This is really handy when you’re first getting started with QuickBooks.

For this video, say I own a dog-walking business and I’ve just bought QuickBooks to help me run everything. I already have contacts saved in a Numbers spreadsheet and also a few more in Address Book. These are all people I do business with, so I want their contact info in QuickBooks.

So I click File > Import > Contacts. At this point, QuickBooks gives me the option to add them from Address Book or to Paste them from a spreadsheet. I’m going to start by pasting from that Numbers spreadsheet I have.

So what I’m going to do now is go back to that Numbers spreadsheet I have and copy the column of first names. Then I go back to QuickBooks and select the top row in the First Name column and paste the names I copied. Now I keep doing that for each of the columns until I have everything in my spreadsheet in this table in QuickBooks. Now, if I don’t have the info for a column in the table, it’s fine. I just leave that blank.

Now I want to add the contacts in my Address Book. So I go down her to the Action menu and click Add from Address Book. This window come down and you can see that all the contacts I have in my Address Book are here too. So I select all the contacts I want to import and click OK.

Now that I have all my contacts from both my spreadsheet and Address Book read to import, I can make some edits. So these two contacts aren’t customers, they’re vendors. So I’m going to change their role. And now that I’m looking everything over, I see that I’ve got a typo here that I’m going to go ahead and fix. And I’m going to add an email address. And I just got a new customer who wasn’t in either my spreadsheet or Address Book, so I’m going to add a line and enter him manually.

Now that I have my contact information the way I want it, I just click Import. So you see I’ve imported 20 customers and 2 vendors. Now I can go to the Customer Center and Vendor Center to see the contacts I’ve just imported. I can also edit any of the contact information any time.

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