Should you stick with QuickBooks for Windows?

QuickBooks for Windows and Mac offer the same basic set of financial management tools, but have some differences as well. Depending on what features you’ve been using on QuickBooks for Windows, a switch to QuickBooks for Mac may not be right for you.
  • Do you need to create an accountant’s copy? At this time QuickBooks for Mac does not have an accountant’s copy feature. You can still share your file with your accountant, but you won’t be able to work in your file until your accountant sends you back the Mac version of your file. [link to article on how to do this]
  • Do you currently use QuickBooks Payroll (such as Basic, Enhanced, or Assisted)? QuickBooks for Mac works with QuickBooks Payroll for Mac, so be sure to check out the free trial to be sure this payroll product will work for you. [link]
  • Do you use other applications that integrate with QuickBooks?  At this time, QuickBooks for Mac does not support third party applications.
  • Do you use QuickBooks for online bill pay or funds transfer? At this time, QuickBooks for Mac does not support online bill pay or fund transfer.
  • Do you use advanced inventory functionality such as inventory assemblies or units of measure? QuickBooks for Mac does have basic inventory features [link to inventory page on Little Square], but if you have more advanced inventory needs, it may not meet your needs.
  • Do you need to set different prices for the same item? At this time, QuickBooks for Mac only supports a single pricing model.
  • Do you need to support multiple currencies at the same time? QuickBooks for Mac only supports a single currency.
  • Do you use QuickBooks Premier or Enterprise Solutions? QuickBooks Premier contains additional industry-specific reports and features that you may need. At this time, there is no migration path from QuickBooks Enterprise to Mac.

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