Video: How QuickBooks can help you remember things

QuickBooks® has two ways to remind you of the things you need to do: reminders and iCal.

Reminders list

Using reminders. Say you’ve entered a bill or put something on your QuickBooks® To Do list. These things can then go onto your Reminders list. Watch this video to find out more:

QuickBooks and iCal

If you’re a Mac user, you’re probably already familiar with iCal, the calendar application that comes with Mac OS X and higher. But did you know you can add QuickBooks® transactions to an iCal calendar to help remind you of important dates, such as when payment for an invoice is due? These videos shows you how.

QuickBooks 2012

QuickBooks 2011 and earlier

You can add iCal events for any of these transactions:

Working with iCal events

  • To add an event: Create or edit any of the transactions listed above, and then select the iCal checkbox to add an event to iCal. For example, to add an event for the due date of an invoice, click “Show in iCal” when you create the invoice.
  • To remove an an event: Open the transactions and clear the iCal checkbox. The next time you open iCal, the event will be gone. If you delete an event in iCal, the transaction stays intact within QuickBooks.

If you edit a transaction in QuickBooks that you already added to iCal, the corresponding event in iCal is also updated.

Working with calendars

QuickBooks creates a new iCal calendar in a different color for each company file. This helps you distinguish the calendar items when working with multiple company files.

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