Video: Receiving payments in QuickBooks 2012

Your customer has sent you a payment. Sweet! Now it’s time to record that payment in QuickBooks. In this video, I’ll show you how to use Receive Payments to enter money a customer has paid you.

Video script:

Hi, I’m Ro with the QuickBooks for Mac team and today I’m going to show you how to record a received payment. Say you sent a customer his invoice a couple weeks ago and you’ve just received the check he mailed you. You can record this payment in QuickBooks in the Receive Payments window.

To create a new payment, you just go right up here to the top and click “Create Payment.” To start out, I’ll choose the customer and job for which I just received a payment. Any outstanding invoices related to this job will appear in the Receive Payments Window. You can double-click any Invoice or charge to open and make changes to the original. I’m going to select the ones for which I just received the payment.

You’ll notice that when I did that, QuickBooks filled in the payment amount. I can then specify the payment method, in this case it was a Check, and the Check Number.

Now I can choose how I want QuickBooks to deal with this payment. If I’d like to transfer this fund immediately into my bank, I’d choose the “deposit to” option. If I’d like to lump this payment with others in a holding account, I’d choose “Undeposited funds.” I am going to choose to deposit this payment immediately.

I’m also going to enter in a note about the transaction here. This note will show up on any reports that include this transaction.

Finally, I’m ready to hit save. This payment has been recorded in QuickBooks.

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