Video: Introduction to Reports

QuickBooks for Mac has partnered with Ben Hess of Bay Area Pictures for a series of videos on how he uses QuickBooks. In this video, Ben talks about how reports are an important part of his business.

Video Script

Hi I’m Ben, a Silicon Valley small business owner, and I wear lots of hats, just like you – I’m here to help you become more comfortable in wearing the Accounting hat.

I recently had the opportunity to interview the Executive Director of a non-profit foundation for a corporate documentary, and she talked about the insight of analyzing a balance sheet and income statements for possible portfolio companies.

I was reminded of QuickBooks Mac because it gives us small business owners the opportunity to generate a wide range of reports so we can determine the health of our business. In addition to the balance sheet and income (or profit & loss statement) you can create a wide range of customer, inventory, and cash flow specific reports all from the Report Center.

As getting paid by our clients and customers is a critical, on-going need, the Collections Report shows overdue invoices, the customer the invoice is for, and even their contact information all at a glance.

And like other areas in QuickBooks, you can create customized reports that gives information that’s relevant to your business. And if you work with an accountant like I do, you can generate reports helps communicate the health and status of your business in prep for tax return filing. Two standard reports accountants commonly request are the Trial Balance and Income Tax Summary, found in the Accountant & Taxes area of the Report Center.

Two other cool QuickBooks Mac design features to mention – select report based graphs are available in your Company Snapshot and the Report Center provides an iTunes-like browser of all the default reports provided.

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About Ben Hess

Ben Hess uses digital media to tell compelling stories - video, photos, motion graphics, and even stick figure storyboards ... whatever it takes. He's also a QuickBooks user and is thrilled to be one of the first Little Square inhabitants. Ben grew up in Atlanta and is a recovering football and soccer player turned passionate fan (Falcons and Earthquakes!). He tries to cycle when there's time. But there never is. See all of Ben's videos

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