Video: Reconciliation Discrepancy Report in QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2019

In QuickBooks 2019, you can reconcile discrepancies between your bank statement and QuickBooks records. Learn more in the following video:

Video Script

The Reconciliation Discrepancy Report allows you to easily identify, and reconcile, discrepancies between your bank statement and QuickBooks records since your last monthly reconciliation. 

Let’s start by attempting to reconcile our checking account records for this month. A quick visual check shows that our bank statement’s beginning balance doesn’t match the one in the QuickBooks Reconciliation window. We see a different amount, which indicates that transactions altered since the last reconcile. You can either take the time to compare the previous month’s reconciliation reports to the register, or you can simply use the new Reconciliation Discrepancy Report.

Here are the steps to use the new Reconciliation Discrepancy Report:

  • Navigate to Reports, Banking, then Reconciliation Discrepancy.
  • The Reconciliation Discrepancy Report displays the modified transactions since the last reconcile. You’ll see details such as when the transaction was modified, as well as the type of change that took place.
  • Double-click on the individual transactions to locate the issues and fix them. Notice that QuickBooks reminds you that this transaction has already been reconciled. As a result, you must confirm that you want to save your changes. 
  • This time, when we go to reconcile our account for this month, we see that the beginning balance on our bank statement matches the one in QuickBooks. Now, we can proceed with this month’s reconciliation. 
  • The report displays all changes to reconciled transactions. Examples of these changes include actions such as: modifying the amount of a check, deselecting an already reconciled transaction, or deleting a transaction.

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