QuickBooks for Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts are a great way to get to commands faster and enter data more easily and efficiently. With most software programs, I tend to look for keyboard shortcuts to speed things up, and Quickbooks is no exception. If you’re not currently using keyboard shortcuts or are only using a few of them, I think you’ll find some of these will really enhance your data entry experience.

Also, check out this video learn keyboard shortcuts and see them in action.

General Shortcut
QuickBooks > Preferences Command-, (comma)
QuickBooks > Hide QuickBooks Command-H
QuickBooks > Hide Others Option-Command-H
QuickBooks > Quit QuickBooks Command-Q
File > New Company Option-Command-N
File > Open Company Command-O
File > Close Company Option-Command-W
File > Close window Command-W
File > Print Command-P
Window > Minimize Command-M
Help > QuickBooks Help Command-?
Display contextual menu Control-click
Display product and company file information Command-1
Editing Shortcut
Edit > Undo Command-Z
Edit > Cut Command-X
Edit > Copy Command-C
Edit > Paste Command-V
Edit > Insert Line Command-Y
Edit > Delete Line Command-B
Edit > Edit Command-E
Edit > New Command-N
Edit > Delete Command-D
Edit > Memorize Command-+ (plus)
Edit > Transaction History Command-U
Edit > Copy Transaction Option-Command-C
Edit > Go To Transfer Command-G
Edit > Show List Command-L
Edit > Use Register Command-R
Edit > Find Command-F
Delete character to left of insertion point Delete
Increase check or other form number by one + (plus key)
Decrease check or other form number by one – (minus key)
Cancel Command-. (period)
Activities Shortcut
Lists > Chart of Accounts Shift-Command-A
Lists > Customer:Jobs Shift-Command-J
Lists > Employees Shift-Command-E
Lists > Items Shift-Command-I
Lists > Memorized Transactions Shift-Command-M
Lists > Vendors Shift-Command-V
Customers > Create Invoices Command-I
Banking > Write Checks Command-K
Reports > Transaction Journal Command-T
Moving around a window Shortcut
Next field Tab
Previous field Shift–Tab
Report column to the right Right Arrow
Report column to the left Left Arrow
Report row below orline below in form detail area Down Arrow
Report row above orline above in form detail area Up Arrow
Display list if cursor is in combo box field like the Customer:Job field in the Create Invoices windowNote: This keyboard shortcut may interfere with the same shortcut used in the Mac OS program Spaces. To prevent this, go to the Mac OS system preferences and change the keystrokes for Spaces. Control–Down Arrow
Down one screen PgDn
Up one screen PgUp
First item on list or first transaction of a month in register Command-PgUp*
Last item on list or first transaction of a month in register Command-PgDn*
First transaction in register Command-Home*
Last transaction in register Command-End*
Close all windows in QuickBooks Shift-+ click the close box
Dates Shortcut
Next day + (plus key)
Previous day – (minus key)
Today t
First day of the week w
Last day of the week k
First day of the month m
Last day of the month h
First day of the year y
Last day of the year r

* On notebook computers, press the Fn key at the same time.

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