Oh, taxes. What would we do without you? And would you mind if we spent some time finding out? Well, probably not, so in the meantime, QuickBooks is there for you. These articles can give you advice about paying your taxes.

As you may have heard, the IRS has new requirements for the 1099-MISC form. For the 2011 tax year, some forms of payments from 1099-MISC will be reported on a new third-party form 1099-K. You can find out more here:

Now the important part: Don’t panic! We’re here for you. We’re making changes in QuickBooks to support these new requirements and help you with this transition. Details are coming in an email you’ll be soon. We’ll be updating this page regularly as we continue our progress, so you can check back here or follow us on Twitter (@QuickBooksMac) or Facebook (

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