Chances are, you’ve got a bank account for your business. You probably write checks for the things you need and deposit payments from your customers. QuickBooks has banking features that help make working with your company’s bank accounts and credit cards even easier.

In this video, Ben Hess of Bay Area Pictures gives you an introduction to online banking.

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What’s in Your Check Number Field?

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Online banking: Setting up Direct Connect

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Reconciliation: Do you match?

Reconciling QuickBooks with your bank statement may sound mysterious and scary, but it’s really not. All it means is you check your records in QuickBooks with your bank statements to make sure they match. Here's how that happens: You get your … [Read more...]

Reimbursing yourself for business expenses

Does this sound familiar? You're in your favorite office supply store. You're buying school supplies for your kids and printer cartridges for the printer you use for your business. You put it all on your personal credit card. Then how do you … [Read more...]

Payroll: I want to do it myself

For some of you out there, you might be bummed that QuickBooks for Mac (2012 and earlier) doesn't offer a manual method to process payroll. But there's still a way you can track payroll expenses and liabilities and generate paychecks for your … [Read more...]

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You know how if you don't keep up with the housework, things getting out of control and pretty soon you're spending all weekend doing 500 loads of laundry? You may be thinking, "If I'd just taken a few minutes to do the little things, I wouldn't be … [Read more...]

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