Video: Email Tokens in QuickBooks Desktop Mac 2020

In QuickBooks 2020, you can use email tokens to insert individualized information for you as you email your forms. Learn more in the following video:

Video Script

QuickBooks Desktop Mac uses Email Tokens to insert individualized information about the customer or transaction when you email forms. You can recognize tokens by the angle quotes (« ») that surround them. The subject and message fields support email tokens. Right-click in either field to view a list of available tokens for that field. 

To see how it works, let’s add a purchase order number to the subject line of this email. Place the cursor where you’d like the PO number to appear, right-click, then choose Insert po number. Now when this email is sent, it will show the customer’s PO number in the subject line. You can add multiple tokens to your emails. For instance, this email has the invoice number, customer’s full name, and the purchase order number in the subject line, as well as the customer’s title (or salutation) and last name in the message body.

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