What’s new in QuickBooks for Mac 2016?

weekly timesheetThe biggest change to QuickBooks for Mac this year has to do with modernizing code and improving performance. The engineers have touched almost every task and form. You won’t see this in a big obvious way, but in many, small ways. Almost every daily task is faster.

Other improvements we’ve made this year include:

  • Resize columns on forms
  • Print directly on envelopes
  • Fill in and edit timesheets more easily
  • Add open balances to invoices
  • Open in Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan
  • Print timesheets
  • Adjust font size in reports
  • View long invoice descriptions
  • Take advantage of Apple’s Automatic Reference Counting (ARC)

And don’t forget, if you’re upgrading from a version earlier than 2015, you’ll also see these improvements:

From 2014

  • Get started with Set Up and Go
  • See where your money is with Income Tracker
  • Turn estimates into purchase orders
  • Navigate through QuickBooks with redesigned toolbar
  • Enjoy new Company Snapshot
  • Search reports
  • Take advantage of Guide Me
  • Customize columns in Centers
  • Adjust sales tax amounts before you pay
  • Track more info about sales reps
  • Print bill stubs
  • Print general journal entries

From 2015

  • See all expense-related transactions in one place with Expense Tracker
  • Create budgets by fiscal year
  • Batch import transactions
  • Attach supporting documents where you need them
  • Customize e-mails
  • View detail of line items in Sales Tax Liability form
  • Use Save File for Accountant process
  • Filter line items and transactions in registers
  • Use updated deposits window
  • Complete simple math within all calculable fields
  • Display and enter dates in formats defined by Mac OS X System Preferences
  • Use Multiuser Admin mode

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