What’s New In QuickBooks for Mac 2013?

Welcome to QuickBooks for Mac 2013! Whether you’re upgrading from a previous version of QuickBooks for Mac, switching from QuickBooks for Windows, or are new to the QuickBooks brand, thanks for choosing us!

We’ve got some great new features we’re introducing in 2013:

Get assistance when you need it with Guide Me

Guide Me is a useful yet unobtrusive panel filled with nuggets of information about how to use fields, buttons, and features. Guide Me follows you from field to field and button to button as you navigate and fill out QuickBooks forms.

Here’s how it works: Go to Help > Show Guide Me to open the panel. Start creating an invoice, entering a bill, or doing another task. Look over at your Guide Me panel–it’s telling you how to fill out the field you’re in or what the button you’re hovering over does when you click it.

Attach documents, photos, and other files to your QuickBooks transactions

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to keep your files and documents together with your QuickBooks records and transactions? With our new Attachments feature, you can! Some ways you can take advantage of Attachments include:

  • Attach receipts for supplies you purchased for a project to invoices
  • Keep “before” and “after” photos with customers’ QuickBooks records
  • Scan and attach statements and bills to vendor records or bills

Click the paper clip at the top right corner of Invoice, Estimate, Enter Bills, Customer Center, and other feature windows to get started. QuickBooks makes a copy of any document you attach and saves it into the Attachment Library you set up in Preferences.

Import contacts and items from other applications

Got customer, vendor, or employee info in your Apple Address Book, in an email account, or in a spreadsheet? Or do you keep a list of the products and services you sell in a spreadsheet? Now you can import contact info into QuickBooks with a few clicks.

Get started by going to File > Import > From Multiple, and choose whether you’re importing contacts (customers, vendors, or employees) or items (products and services, inventory items—things like that).

Create batches of invoices for groups of customers

Small businesses that invoice a group of customers for exactly the same set of products and services can save tons of time by creating a batch invoice.

Say you’ve got a pool cleaning business. 20 of your customers have the same sized pools and get the same services (and products) each month. A different group of 12 of your customers just get their hot tubs cleaned every month.

Here’s what you do—first create two customer groups, maybe named Pool and Hot Tub. Next go to Customers > Create Batch Invoices, choose the Pool group, go through the process of filling out one invoice for pool cleaning services, then send that invoice to all the customers in your Pool group. Then you create another batch invoice for the Hot Tub group.

Imagine the time savings—you create two invoices rather than 32 each month!

Get paid and pay others with the Intuit PaymentNetwork

The Intuit PaymentNetwork lets you make and receive online payments that are quick, easy, and secure.

Click the PaymentNetwork button on the QuickBooks Homepage to sign up for the service and pick the bank account you use for making and receiving payments. Then the fun begins!

Back in QuickBooks for Mac, it takes only a tiny bit of time to set up the connection to Intuit PaymentNetwork. Then you’ll be able to add a link to your invoices that your customer can click to pay you online.

After your customer pays you, go to Customers > Download Transactions and select payments you want to record in QuickBooks. Intuit PaymentNetwork works with QuickBooks for Mac to mark your invoice paid, receive the payment, and even record the deposit to your bank account.


But that’s not all! We’ve also updated features to make QuickBooks for Mac better and easier to use:

Reconcile your accounts quicker and easier

We’ve totally reworked our reconcile feature to make it much, much easier for you to compare your monthly bank and credit card statements with your QuickBooks accounts, find and fix errors, and reconcile your accounts.

Learn more about the updated Reconcile feature…(coming soon!)

Back up your company files with updated options

Apple has discontinued the MobileMe service, so we’ve changed our Backup Preferences accordingly. You’ll back up your company files onto your own hard drive–then you can use services like Dropbox or your own backup hard drive to back up critical info.

Refresh your reports with one click

Working with QuickBooks Reports in real time? We’ve made it possible for you to refresh reports on your screen with the click of a button, giving you the latest and greatest info on your business without sacrificing performance.

Print forms quicker than ever

You’ll find that printing performance has radically improved compared to earlier versions of QuickBooks for Mac.

Check out the attractive new home page icons

We’ve redesigned our Home Page with shiny new icons that do a better job of describing what all the different features and functions of QuickBooks for Mac do for your business. The new design also looks great on new Mac retina displays.

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