What’s new in QuickBooks for Mac 2012?

Today, Intuit announced QuickBooks for Mac 2012! Here on the QuickBooks for Mac team, we’re all very excited about this release, and we hope you are as well. Here’s what the new release has in store. We’ll be posting more information about each of these new features soon, so stay tuned!

QuickBooks for Mac 2012 is scheduled to be available for purchase directly from Intuit at www.quickbooks.com/mac or by calling 888-729-1996 beginning Sept. 26. It is expected to be available at Apple retail stores, Apple.com, Amazon, Best Buy, Costco.com, Fry’s, MacZones, Office Depot, OfficeMax and Staples on Oct 9.

(By the way, I feel so lame. You’ll notice in the screenshots that I can’t live without my scroll bars on Lion. I tried. I really did. Honest.)

Redesigned forms

Sales forms have been redesigned with a Lion-inspired interface. New customer history panel summarizes customer information for easy review including open invoices, open balances, notes etc. See the list of transactions for faster browsing.

Click the image for a better view.

Online banking renaming rules and add multiple

Save time adding transactions from your financial institution to QuickBooks by batch entering them instead of adding transactions one at a time. QuickBooks automatically creates rules to rename payees downloaded from your financial institution. You can then batch enter transactions easily.

You can now rename your payee names to match those in QuickBooks.

Improved search

Save time with better search functionality. You can now search for names, transaction types, amounts, dates etc. Use filters to refine results. Quickly access recent or saved searches.

Click the image for a better view.

Progress invoicing

QuickBooks allows you to invoice for projects in phases. You can now invoice by line item or percentage of the estimate. You can track how much has been invoiced and what’s left with the Job Progress Invoices vs. Estimates report.

Click the image for a better view.

Additional Improvements

  • Easier to enter and navigate journal entries with next/previous buttons, auto numbering, and auto-fill of the memo field.

    Click the image for a better view.

  • Save time entering similar timesheets by duplicating the last sheet for an employee. Increased character limit in notes section allows you to capture more details.

    Click the image for a better view.

  • Save time and reduce mistakes by setting default accounts for key banking tasks.
  • Save time accessing relevant functionality with new keyboard shortcuts and contextual (or “right click”) menus.

    Just right-click on a form to seen the context menu. Click on this image for a closer look.

  • Get insights about your business’ performance with redesigned, Mac-like report graphs.

    Click the image to get a better view.

  • Alternating row colors improve legibility by making it easier to read across the row.
  • Additional company fields (email address, website, phone, fax) available to add to forms in Layout Designer.
  • Additional customer contact fields available to add to forms in Layout Designer: Contact, Alt. Contact, Phone, Alt. Phone, Fax, Email, Cc Email.
  • Ability to clear splits in write checks and enter bills.
  • Payment terms accept longer names and special characters.
  • Double-click to open a memorized transaction in the list to see the transaction details. See a list of memorized transactions set to run when opening a company file.
  • Increased “PO Number” field limit on invoices.
  • Click an email address in the Customer or Vendor Center to email that customer or vendor.
  • Online banking accounts are grouped by financial institution. Indicator shows when new transactions have been downloaded for an account.

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