Video: How to Search Your Data in QuickBooks Desktop Mac

Searching is a great feature that you can use to find anything in your company file. In this video, you’ll see more of how it works.

Video script:

QuickBooks Desktop Mac provides a powerful way to find data quickly and easily with the Search function. You can access any and all QuickBooks data from Search.

First, enter your search. When you do this, results populate into the categories listed in the left panel. Double-clicking on a search result takes you to the original transaction, list item, or activity.

Then, if desired, filter the search results. To do this, click on the Filter icon and add parameters. For example, let’s search only the transactions for Kristy Abercrombie that are above one thousand dollars. You can further filter the results by clicking the plus icon and adding additional parameters. Here we’re asking QuickBooks to show only those transactions for Kristy Abercrombie that were above one thousand dollars and also were conducted before January 2nd, 2020.

If this is a search that’s conducted often, you can save the search and filter parameters, and quickly access this search from the left panel. Past search queries are automatically entered in Recent Searches.

Finally, if you would prefer to use the Find feature that’s familiar from past versions of QuickBooks, you still can! Simply toggle over by clicking Go To Find at the top of the window.

You can also post your own question to the QuickBooks for Mac community.