Company Snapshot: What’s going on in your business?

The Company Snapshot is a great way to keep a bird’s eye view on what’s going on in your business. The cool thing is that you can customize it to show you the information that’s important to you.

About the Company Snapshot

Use the Company Snapshot to get real-time company information and perform tasks in one place. Here you can quickly see trends in your income and expenses, who owes you money, who you owe money, reminders of things to do, and the balances in your accounts. You can also quickly access transactions for all your customers, such as sales receipts, received payments, and statement charges.

Why can’t I see all information?

You can only view those areas of QuickBooks to which you’ve been granted access. Contact your QuickBooks Administrator if you need to change your permissions.

To access the Company Snapshot:

Choose Company > Company Snapshot.

Information found on the Company Snapshot

  • Income and Expense Trends. Shows money going in and out of your business for a time period. It gives you a quick snapshot of how your business is doing and lets you compare income and expenses. To change the time period, use the pull down menu below the graph. Place your cursor over a bar in the graph to see the exact amount.
  • Reminders. Lists reminders, grouped by category, based on your Reminder preferences. Past due reminders are in red. Click the arrow next to a category name to see the reminders in that category. Click an item to open the transaction or note for that reminder. Click Preferences beneath the list to change your Reminder settings.
  • Account Balances. Displays all cash, credit card, accounts receivable, accounts payable, and liability accounts. Double-click a line item account to open the register window for that account. Click Chart of Accounts to open the Chart of Accounts window. Click the to select the accounts you want to see.
  • Customers Who Owe Money. Shows balances owed by customers. Past due items are in red. Double-click a line item to open the Customer Center and see transactions for that customer. Click Receive Payments to open the Receive Payments window. The total amount owed is displayed at the bottom. Click on the total to see a Customer Balance Summary report.
  • Vendors to Pay. Shows balances you owe to vendors. Past due items are noted in red. Double-click a line item to open the Enter Bills window for that bill. Click Pay Bills to open the Enter Bills window for all bills. The total amount you owe is displayed at the bottom. Click on the total to see a Vendor Balance Summary report.

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