Video: QuickReport is an easy way to get to report data

The QuickBooks for Mac team shows you a feature you may not know about: QuickReport. You can access QuickReport in many of the lists in QuickBooks to get to report data without having to go to the Reports menu.


Throughout QuickBooks, you’ll find little gems that can make your life easier. QuickReports is one of those gems. At key places throughout QuickBooks, you can quickly access report data without having to go to the Reports menu. You can create a QuickReport for a list, account register, or form (such as an invoice or a bill) that has a name field (such as customer name or vendor name).

What a QuickReport Shows

QuickReports show different data depending on where you’re using the QuickReport. You can customize any QuickReport just like a report you view from the Reports menu.

QuickReports from a List

Here’s what you see when you use QuickReports in a list, like the Customer list.

List What you see on the QuickReport
Chart of Accounts (income/ expense accounts only) Year-to-date transactions for the account.
Class. Year-to-date income and expense transactions for the class.
Customer:Job All unpaid invoices, statement charges, and unapplied payments or credits for the customer or job; the open balance and original amount of each transaction; total equals balance on Customer:Job.
Vendor All unpaid bills and unapplied credits in your accounts payable (or all sales tax transactions) for the vendor; the open balance and original amount of each transaction; total equals balance on Vendor List
Other Name Year-to-date transactions in balance sheet accounts for the name.
Customer Type Year-to-date income and expense transactions for customers that have that customer type.
Vendor Type Year-to-date income and expense transactions for vendors that have the vendor type.
Terms Year-to-date transactions containing the terms.
Payment Method Year-to-date payments you have received of the payment type.
Ship Via Year-to-date invoices, cash sales, and credit memos containing the shipping method.

QuickReports from a Register

When you double-click an account in your Chart of Accounts, QuickBooks shows you that account’s register. When you use QuickReport with an income or expense account, the report shows:

  • All transactions in that register for that name
  • Transaction payment status
  • Transaction total, which equals the outstanding balance in the register

QuickReports from a Form

When you create a QuickReport after displaying a form (for example, an invoice or bill), the QuickReport is based on the name on the form, such as a customer or a vendor. The QuickReport is the same as if you had created it after selecting the name on the Customer, Vendor, Employee, or Other Name List. For example, the QuickReport from an invoice shows all unpaid invoices (or statement charges) as well as unapplied payments and credits for the customer.

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