QuickBooks for Mac ebook in PDF or ready for your iPad

The QuickBooks for Mac comes with a free ebook. You can always find the ebook on your Help menu (Help > User’s Guide) or you can download it here.

QuickBooks 2012

The new ebook for QuickBooks 2012 is now available! We heard a lot of your comments from the last couple of years and made some significant changes for this year.

Download eBook in PDF

  • Less is more. We took a new approach with the guide this year and concentrated on step-by-step instructions we heard were most important to our users. Also, with a lot of reformatting work, the guide is much smaller this year, making it easier to use and much less expensive to print.
  • Easily updated. We’ll be posting updates to the ebook as we hear feedback from you and we identify places where the guide could be better. In previous years, the ebook was frozen when it was delivered.
  • Easier to use. We concentrated on making the language in the ebook much easier to understand. Real people wrote the ebook and we want it to sound like it.

Here is the PDF version of the ebook. We are working to get an ePub version available for your eReader. And look for it in the iBook store soon!

QuickBooks 2011

Read it on your iPad

Getting the ebook on your iPad is easy. Just download it and add it to iTunes.Note: Be sure you have the iBooks app loaded on your iPad.

  1. Download the ePub file. Download
  2. Open iTunes.
  3. In iTunes, choose File > Add to Library.
  4. Select the ePub file you just downloaded, and click Choose.
  5. Sync your iPad with iTunes.
  6. On your iPad, go to the iBooks app. The QuickBooks 2011 for Mac guide should be on your library shelf.
  • What is the ePub format? ePub is a universal format used by most eReaders, including the iPad. With the ePub version, you can now take full advantage of the iBooks app on your iPad to get the most out of the ebook.
  • Is the ebook available from the iBooks store? We are working to get the ebook in Apple’s iBooks store, but in the meantime, you can add it to your iPad manually following the steps above.

Read it as a PDF

If you prefer PDF, you can read the ebook in that format as well..

  1. Download the PDF file. Download
  2. Click the filename to open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader or Preview.

Note: You can also view the PDF version of the ebook by choosing Help > User Guide in QuickBooks.

Tell us what you think!

Do you like having the ebook available? Would you like to see something different? Are there areas of QuickBooks you’d like to see covered in more depth? We want to hear from you.

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