What’s new in QuickBooks 2011 for Mac?

Happy New Year! OK, it’s not really January 1, but in QuickBooks world, it is a new year. QuickBooks 2011 for Mac is now available. We’ve got a whole new set of features and improvements this year. Here’s a list of what’s in 2011.

Major Features

Multiuser. Work more efficiently by giving employees access to critical financial tasks such as looking up customer contact information, invoicing, and entering and paying bills. Video
Permissions. Keep your financial data secure by assigning passwords and choosing which of eight categories of QuickBooks activities employees can access. Video
Mileage tracking. Track miles driven for business purposes to claim a deduction at tax time or easily invoice customers for billable miles. Get insights into your driving habits and job costing with four new mileage reports: Mileage by Vehicle Summary, Mileage by Vehicle Detail, Mileage by Job Summary, and Mileage by Job Detail. Video

Additional Improvements

Reports customization. Quickly customize the formatting of reports with palettes that look and work like you’d expect on a Mac.
Layout Designer enhancements. Get a professional looking form that reflects your business more quickly with 20 new templates and more powerful layout tools, including alignment, cropping, zoom, customizable grid units, status stamp preview, and a selection tool that indicates the dimensions of a region.
Little Square. This online magazine built for and by QuickBooks for Mac users features videos and articles from real small business owners, the QuickBooks for Mac team, and experts in small business topics.
Export to Numbers. Open your reports in Apple Numbers or other applications that open .xlsx spreadsheets while preserving formatting and formulas. Combine QuickBooks reports with each other or with other data sources, or save reports to keep an archive.
Sort registers. Account registers can be sorted so you can find transactions faster. Options include date/type/number, amount, number, order entered, date and order entered, and cleared status.
iChat integration. In multiuser mode, see other QuickBooks users’ iChat status and easily start a chat with them to enhance collaboration around the office.
Customizable Sounds. Assign new sounds to QuickBooks events, or add your own sounds.
Online banking. Match transfers between two accounts enabled for statement downloads. Transactions deleted from the Downloaded Transactions window stay deleted. “Clear matched transactions” when closing the Downloaded Transactions window can be made the default.
QuickBooks Help. Streamlined and consolidated articles to make it faster to find answers and relevant related information.

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Shelly King works for Intuit as a member of the QuickBooks for Mac team. She’s the Managing Editor for Little Square and its main contributor. Shelly grew up in the South until 1994 when the Internet called her to Silicon Valley. She’s done a lot on the web ever since. Little Square was her idea. Yep, it’s all her fault. See all of Shelly's articles

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